Baidyanath Bramha Rasayan 250gram

SKU: 10181
Baidyanath Bramha Rasayan Helps in physical, mental weakness, improves in all upper respiratory infections 250gram

Baidyanath Bramha Rasayan 250gram

SKU: 10181
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  • Helps in physical, mental weakness,
  • Helps treats nervous debility, lunacy, etc
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Brahma Rasayan is an ayurvedic supplement used for controlling mental conditions like anxiety, poor cognition, and lack of concentration. It is a herbal preparation made from plant extracts which treats nervous debility, lunacy, etc.

  • Ingredients: Pathay, Amla, Bilwa, Shyonak, Gambhari, Patla, Agnimanth, Shalparni, etc. as per text.
  • Purpose: Nervine tonic. Indicated in sleeplessness, nervous debility, epilepsy, apoplexy, lunacy, bronchitis, and respiratory troubles.
  • Benefits: It helps in increasing memory power. It reduces anxiety by balancing the doshas. It treats nervous debility. Helps to improve concentration.
  • Dosage: 6 to 12 g with milk.

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