Baidyanath Balamrit 100 ml

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Baidyanath Balamrit 100 ml
Baidyanath Balamrit 100 ml

Baidyanath Balamrit 100 ml

SKU: 21451
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Baidyanath Balamrit is an ayurvedic medicine that treats indigestion problems and rickets. It enhances memory in children. It helps in increasing appetite, poor memory, and calcium level in the body. The use of this medicine is proven safe in children.

  • Ingredients: Mulethi, Vasaka, Tulsi, Vach, Chuna, Saunf, etc.
  • Purpose: Helps to build strong bones and muscles. Useful in loss of appetite, and indigestion. It helps in the physical growth of children, Also prevents common colds and coughs. Also very useful in the growth of a child’s body.
  • Benefits: It ails problems like indigestion and rickets. It provides comfort during stomach pain, constipation, acidity, It is also useful in common cold and cough. It is an excellent source of calcium in children. Helpful in the growth of a child.
  • Dosage:  It is advised to take 10 -20 ml of this ayurvedic medicine twice a day or as directed by the physicians.

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