Constipation: A Problem Not Discussed Very Often

Jan 5, 2023
Triphala churna onlineConstipation happens when faeces are tough to remove and bowel motions become less regular. The most frequent causes are dietary or lifestyle changes, a lack of appropriate fibre intake, or both. If you experience significant discomfort and experience bleeding while you are in your toilet doing the dirty deed, or constipation that persists for more than two weeks, then it’s a sign that you must see your physician.

The frequency of going to the toilet to empty your bowels varies greatly for different people. While some people go to the bathroom multiple times per day, others only do it twice or thrice per week. Provided you do not however deviate too much from your bowel movement routine, then it's normal for you.

Whatever your bathroom habits are, one thing is for sure and that is the longer you delay going to the bathroom, the harder it is going to be to pass the waste from your body. Typical characteristics of constipation also include the following:

  • The faeces are more solid and dry.
  • The motion hurts, and passing the bowels is problematic.
  • You have the impression that your guts are still not completely empty.

If you experience this problem more often, then you are among the 22% of Indians who regularly face this problem. It is among the most common gastrointestinal problems in India.  It can occur occasionally in every age group. The best Triphala tablets are suited to the bodies of every age group and can be consumed without having side effects. Additionally, there are some individuals and circumstances that have a higher propensity to cause persistent constipation. These particular groups consist of:

Who can have constipation?

In short, anyone can have constipation. However, some groups of people have them more often than others. If you belong to the following group of people then beware, because you have a higher probability of getting constipation and you need to give extra care while preparing your diet plan in order to avoid this. You can get the best Triphala tablets to avoid constipation as it is beneficial for every age group.

  • Older adults tend to engage in less physically demanding activities, consequently, they have slower metabolisms, and weaker muscle movements throughout their stomach and intestinal lining.

  • Women, particularly during pregnancy and after giving birth. Women have a higher probability of getting constipated, due to hormonal changes. Waste flow is slowed and delayed by the child's uterine squishing of the digestive tract.

  • consuming insufficient meals with high fibre content. fibre rich meals help digestion by keeping food flowing easily throughout the digestive tract.


Can Constipation cause digestive tract damage causing other physical problems?

If a person doesn’t experience frequent and soft bowel movements, a few issues may arise. Several health problems include: 

  • Blood vessels inside your rectum will get swollen and inflamed and you will face irritation around that area, this condition is known as piles or haemorrhoids. You can even see blood in your stool when these blood vessels burst.
  • your soft inside parts of the anus are torn open by the dry and hard faeces when you are passing your bowels, this is known as anal fissures.
  • diverticulitis is a type of infection in the inner lining of the intestine that can occasionally develop due to contaminated stools getting trapped and not being able to get out of your body. faecal impaction
  • faecal impaction is a medical problem when excessive amounts of waste or excrement get accumulated in the rectum.
  • trying to empty your bowels by excessive force might put a strain on your pelvic muscles and tissues and in the long run can harm them
  • trying to empty your bowels by excessive force might put a strain on your pelvic muscles tissues and in the long run, can harm them. Your bladder is controlled by them and too much pressure can damage the muscles that control the bladder, causing irregular and involuntary urinary discharge. 

Triphala Churna has natural medicinal properties that can solve these health issues without any side effects. You can buy Triphala churna online and eat it every day to prevent such health problems.

Do you have constipation? 

There are several symptoms of constipation that are identifiable and do not even need a professional doctor or heavy equipment to detect them. As a commoner, you can check for yourself if you have constipation or not. The symptoms are as follows:

  • You go to the toilet less than three times a week to empty your bowels.
  • Your bowels moments are stiff or lack softness 
  • You experience difficulty and pain passing during your bowel movement.
  • You have regular stomach pains and experience cramps now and then.
  • You are under the impression that your stomach is not clear even after emptying your bowels.


What are the common reasons for Constipation?

There are a set of common lifestyle choices, medical history and some particular medicines that can cause constipation in people. The following is the list of common reasons that can cause constipation.

  • Consuming food that is low in fibre or not eating enough fibrous food at all
  • Dehydrating your body, that is not drinking an adequate amount of water. 
  • Not engaging in physical activities enough.
  • Changing your daily routine, for instance, travelling to different time zones can cause jet lags, disruption in your sleep schedule, changing your eating habits and so on. 
  • Eating dairy products in excess, for example, milk, butter, cheese, etc.
  • High amounts of stress can disrupt your digestion.
  • Intentionally avoiding or delaying going to the toilet for emptying your bowels.


Key takeaway points

Constipation is a slow poison that eats you alive from the inside without you being aware of it. You need to take it seriously and put an end to it. You can take a proper diet, sleep and do enough exercise to prevent this. If you can do none of these then buy Triphala churna online from and start eating it every day. This website has many such ayurvedic medicines that are made entirely of natural products. 

They are safe to use and your body does not get used to them.