A Guide To Solve All Your Hair Care Problems

Dec 22, 2022
Hair Care ProductEverybody wants to have flawless, dense, and shiny hair. But very few can actually take care of their hair properly. A good hair care regime must be adopted depending on the hair type of each person. It takes some effort and research to understand what all is needed by your  hair to stay healthy. The polluted environment and poor dietary habits these days are enough to spoil the crown of the body and lead to multiple health problems. Choose the right products and follow a hair care routine to make your hair long, healthy, and beautiful.


Here are some leading hair problems:

  • Dandruff

It is a leading hair problem. People often misunderstand the real cause of dandruff and relate it to poor hygiene habits. But dandruff has nothing to do with it. Yes, good hygiene is vital when it comes to hair care but dandruff occurs due to dry scalp or excess sebum. White flakes can lead to hair fall and are embarrassing.

  • Hair loss

Increased stress has increased hair fall too. Losing 100-200 strands every 24hrs is okay. Even if you tend to lose some more hair, it is completely normal until the hair is regrowing. But sometimes there is excessive hair fall and the growth isn’t good. It’s then the trouble peeps in. And one should immediately seek professional help.

Sometimes the hair of a particular area falls out creating bald spots. Patchy hair loss can be troublesome and might be due to some underlying problem. It can be due to some other reasons to like using a strong shampoo or a sweaty scalp. To find out the reason, see an expert.

  • Dry and damp hair

Dry hair indicates a need for protein and vitamin B. People who are suffering from Anemia or hypothyroidism have dry hair. This hair might break easily and have low strength. Some good products along with small lifestyle changes can help make dry hair stronger, smooth, and silky.

  • Split Ends

Split ends are caused due to lack of proper trimming sessions. When you are growing your hair, try to get them trimmed every 6 weeks. When the roots of the hair are unable to deliver nutrients to the ends of the hair, it leads to split ends. 

Regularly heating your hair can make the ends worse. So, avoid heating and try oiling the ends.

  • Dull, damaged hair

Using too many artificial products can damage the hair making them dull, frizzy, and damaged. People often fear grey hair looks and tend to use hair colours. Hair colours are the enemy of hair health and sooner or later, it makes them dull and damaged.

People often blow dry, curl and straighten their hair using heating equipment. Heating and bleaching are like killing your hair yourself. Avoid heating hair and colouring them as much as possible.

Ways to protect your hair and take care of them

Everything requires maintenance including our body and hair. Here are some hair care tips:

  • Understand your hair type

There are different types of hair. Understand your scalp and hair type. This will help  you to choose the right hair products. Due to digitalization, one can order anything and everything sitting at home. But a good understanding of products and your hair type is essential.

Some people have frizzy hair while others might have oily scalps. It completely varies on your body type, genetics, and diet. It is important to understand the question first and then answer.

  • Wash your hair regularly

Just like your body, your hair also needs a proper schedule and regular washes. This will help you overcome dandruff, and oily scalp and will help the hair to grow thicker. Normally, 1-2 washes are okay in a week. But if you have an oily scalp or a sweat issue, you might need to wash more frequently. It depends on the scalp.

  • Oiling

Both washing and oiling are equally important. And it is advisable to oil the hair properly an hour or two before washing them. It is one of the traditional ways to keep your hair healthy and make the crown beautiful.

You can simply use good quality hair oils like Bhringraj ayurvedic hair oil, etc. Using an ayurvedic hair oil can be extremely beneficial if you have thin hair.

  • Combing properly

Several people ignore this and sometimes even skip combing their hair. But this is a blunder that one should not  do. Never skip combing your hair. It is a way to boost hair growth and is  a part of daily hygiene.

  1. Try combing your hair at least twice a day.
  2. Use a wooden comb with wide teeth. Use good quality hair brushes and keep your combs clean.
  3. Try avoiding combing when your hair is wet. Combining wet hair might lead to hair breakage.
  • Use good quality hair care products

Using good shampoos with lesser chemicals can help  save your hair. Try to use a mild shampoo and conditioner of the same brand. Select a good quality natural hair oil. Ayurvedic hair oil is better than other random oils and can induce good hair growth. These days there are several ayurvedic products available online & offline. One of the best ayurvedic hair oil for all hair types is Bhringraj ayurvedic hair oil.

Research, test, and then choose your hair care products. Hair care Products play an essential role in improving the quality of your hair. Always choose a trusted brand.


Healthy hair requires some effort and research. Pick the right products. Eat right, and complete your vitamin and daily protein requirement. It is important to take adequate vitamins and minerals. Comb your hair daily, dry your hair properly, wash them on regular intervals and try to stay stress-free. Stress is one of the major reason for hair loss. Improve your sleep schedule and try to make some good lifestyle changes. All this can save you from a lot of hair problems.

Lastly, we live in a world where people try to look perfect. Forget about perfection, accept your real self and the real hair. Flaunt your grey hair, don’t be ashamed of them. Avoid colouring and focus on improving the hair structure through home remedy & natural products. A good Heena, hair oil, and shampoo are all you need to make your hair smooth and healthy.